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Like the fresh, invigorating coffee we brew, our office space in Bangalore also inspire new energy, encourage conversations and put a smile on your workday. The stimulating, lush yet relaxed environment, and the community nudge towards a creative collective. You could mull over your big idea in a quiet space or engage your team in a spirited discussion. Innovate, create- be the change! Invite your guests to share their thoughts and our delightful cookies. Or head to the gym to sweat it out. Attend the curated events, discussions that rev thought and spur connect at these furnished office spaces.

Be a part of a commune that truly understands you. Our mission is to make work seem like a breeze in spaces that redefine high performance and design.


Premium office space with affordable price.


Coworking office spaces in prime locations.

Vibrant Community

Bangalore's fast growing community.

Bannerghatta road

coworking space #1

Vibrant and spacious, the Gopalan Coworks at the Gopalan Innovation Mall comes with 2500+ seats and makes work pleasant and comfortable. Stylish space, excellent facilities, and well decorated, this workplace is a great opportunity for startups and other independent entrepreneurs to create, connect and collaborate.


coworking space #2

Comfortable and friendly coworking space, these shared offices come with 500+ seats and make work creative and productive. Located at the Gopalan Promenade Mall, Banashankari, this coworking space builds communities of freelancers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, creative and independent professionals.

Old madras road

coworking space #3

Efficient and comfortable, this coworking space is the first in the series of the Gopalan Coworks. With a total of 300+ seats including hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins or meeting rooms. This plug and play office space in Bangalore is perfect for a work-life balance. A team dinner or a movie night after a hectic day, this space offers everything for your team under one roof.

Commercial street

coworking space #4

Coordinate, co-generate and simply concentrate! Turn that dream business into reality. With 127 seats available in the heart of Bangalore's Commercial Business District. Easy access, fun shopping, ergonomic and beautiful decor, suited up meeting and calling rooms, all carefully managed by an enthusiastic, helpful team.


coworking space #5

Large and contemporary looking corporate office space with a spread of 1 lakh sq.ft area and 1332 seats at the Gopalan Millennium Tower, Whitefield. Located at one of the prime IT hubs of the city, this shared office space for rent in Bangalore is a blend of a corporate atmosphere and coworking comforts.

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